The Ministry of Energy and Power Development has taken a significant step towards enhancing the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe by deploying a team to assess the progress of decentralised renewable energy solutions.

The initiative seeks to integrate tailored solutions into selected agricultural value chains or zones, focusing on identifying gaps and providing recommendations based on techno-commercial viability.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail, director of energy conservation and renewable energy in the Ministry of Energy and Power Development, Dr Sosten Ziuku said, “The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) initiated a consultancy, commissioned by the Government, to assess the feasibility of deploying decentralised renewable energy solutions for powering the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe. “

Dr Ziuku said the project will furnish the Government of Zimbabwe and its development partners with relevant information necessary for strategic planning and implementation, particularly in the areas of irrigation, agro-processing systems, and other related activities.

This will contribute positively to the agri-food value chain and enhance climate change mitigation efforts as part of Zimbabwe’s Nationally Determined Contributions implementation, whilst fostering sustainable agricultural development.