Daily fuel demand in Zimbabwe has risen to 5 million litres, with petrol accounting for 2 million litres and diesel the balance of 3 million litres, the director of energy conservation and renewable energy in the Ministry of Energy and Power Development Dr Sosten Ziuku has said.

Speaking at a workshop on renewable energy solutions in Harare, Dr Ziuku emphasized the critical need for a secure fuel supply for economic stability and growth.

He said that the private sector remains the dominant player in fuel retailing, while the National Oil Infrastructure Company of Zimbabwe’s (NOICZ) is playing a huge role in managing the fuel pipeline and Government storage facilities.

Dr Ziuku said over 80 percent of the country’s fuel imports are being transported via the fuel pipeline.
He outlined Government’s focus on renewable energy, including the mandatory blending of petrol with 20 percent ethanol since 2011 and ongoing oil and gas exploration in the northwest.

“To achieve Vision 2030’s goal of an empowered upper-middle-income society, the Government is prioritising infrastructure maintenance, project completion and attracting foreign investment,” Dr Ziuku said.

Discussions during the workshop highlighted Zimbabwe’s potential to become a regional hub for energy distribution and transportation.

Source: https://www.herald.co.zw/daily-fuel-consumption-reaches-5-million-litres/