South Africa’s leading solar power association, the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA), is proud to inform the energy sector of its partnership with VUKA Group to participate as a Pavilion Partner at the forthcoming Enlit Africa conference and exhibition taking place from 21-23 May 2024 in Cape Town.
SAPVIA is at the heart of South Africa’s energy transformation, working tirelessly to ensure solar PV plays a central role in the country’s energy mix. The partnership with Enlit Africa provides a strategic outlet to share their more than decade-long experience in this market.
The Association’s members span the full value chain, encompassing manufacturers, government, municipalities, EPCs, and the C&I market. Together their commitment is to maximise the benefits for South Africa through their knowledge to drive the growth of the industry.
SAPVIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Rethabile Melamu, is excited about what the partnership can offer: “Enlit Africa has a strong track record and a history in the South African and continental energy landscape. As the nature of the energy landscape changes to include higher percentages of renewables it is important that solar PV technology and the needs of the industry are represented at the conference.”
She adds: “Enlit Africa brings together stakeholders from the public and private sector from across the continent and the opportunity for SAPVIA to participate and join in on these conversations was just too good to pass up.”
The SAPVIA Pavilion at Enlit Africa will offer attendees a diverse mix of exhibitors and industry experts from the range of SAPVIA members representing the residential, commercial and industrial (C&I) and utility scale solar PV markets in South Africa. “SAPVIA represents more than 700 companies in the South African solar PV space and as such we are well suited to provide in-depth market segment knowledge as well as industry wide information,” states Melamu.
SAPVIA is the voice of the solar PV industry in South Africa, explains Melamu: “As such, we represent the PV industry with the stated aim of enabling medium- and long-term market sustainability. I am excited about connecting with industry experts across a diverse range of markets, all with a common goal of understanding the new energy landscape in South Africa and the opportunities afforded by solar PV technology and the role of solar PV generation in a diversified energy mix for South Africa and the rest of the African continent.”
Through this pavilion, the Association and its members will share strategic information on the latest market developments delivering energy access for all. “As the cost of solar PV continues to decline the technology will become more accessible to more sectors of the South African and African population,” says Melamu, adding: “Solar PV in conjunction with Battery Energy Storage Systems is perfectly suited to address the unique challenges of energy access in South Africa and on the rest of the continent.”
Chanelle Hingston, Group Director: Power, Energy & Water, VUKA Group believes this strategic alliance between Enlit Africa and SAPVIA illuminates the pathway to a sustainable future. “We are at a crucial time globally to address energy challenges while moving towards sustainable and clean energy solutions. Within this international scope, the African market is looking for solutions to meet its unique requirements,” states Hingston.
“As the Event Director, I am thrilled about our partnership between Enlit Africa and SAPVIA because it signifies more than just collaboration—it represents a powerful fusion of innovation, sustainability, and industry expertise. Together, we embark on a journey to ‘light up’ the future of energy, bringing forth a symphony of ideas, solutions, and connections that will shape the landscape of our shared tomorrow.”
She adds: “Through this partnership Enlit Africa attendees will experience a radiant opportunity to witness the fusion of expertise, driving energy solutions that not only light up the present but also pave the way for a brighter, greener tomorrow.”
Hingston invites C&I professionals to visit the SAPVIA pavilion at Enlit Africa to meet solar PV experts: “This is an opportunity for you to ask your unique questions, get personalised advice from solar professionals, and gain valuable insights into this revolutionary industry. The scope of our partnership with SAPVIA gives you convenience in finding new business partners, building relationships, and discovering opportunities for collaboration or investment in the growing solar energy sector. “
Hosted over three days, the conference and exhibition is the ideal space for professionals to get ahead of the curve by exploring the latest technological advancements in solar energy, from storage solutions to smart grid integration. Discover new products, services, and trends that can impact your business or career. Attend workshops, seminars, and presentations led by experts to learn about best practices in solar technology and installation. Expand your knowledge and expertise, gain valuable insights, and enhance your professional competence.
The Association aims to represent the PV industry before provincial and national authorities, as well as government, to promote a higher penetration of the technology, and to advise key decision makers on the most adequate policies to develop a sustainable PV market.
Enlit Africa offers a packed programme and a world-class exhibition showcasing the latest technology and services on offer in the power, energy and water sectors.  
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Enlit Africa stands as Africa’s end-to-end power and energy event, gathering a diverse array of key industry stakeholders to drive the just energy transition. This pivotal event cultivates innovation, fosters trust, and forges connections while addressing pressing industry challenges like energy access, sustainability and more.