Operating from Harare’s New Ardbennie Industrial Area, More Wear Manufacturing, prides itself with a rich history and a reputation for excellence in steel fabrication.
The company has risen to become a leading manufacturer of diverse steel products, serving various sectors of the Zimbabwean economy and beyond.
Their product portfolio boasts an impressive array, catering to the critical needs of industries or sectors
like mining, agriculture, transport, construction, food processing, local authorities, manufacturing and energy.

Fuel Storage for Every Need:

The company takes pride in its expertise in crafting both underground and aboveground fuel storage tanks. These tanks cater to various needs, ranging from industrial applications to private fuel storage for farms and residences. Manufactured with high-quality steel and adhering to stringent safety standards, the high-quality fuel storage tanks guarantee reliability and durability as well as certification by independent inspection authorities.

Keeping Businesses Running Smoothly:

Beyond fuel storage, the company offers air receivers, vital components in compressed air systems. These vessels store compressed air, ensuring a consistent and readily available source of power for various industrial processes. This not only enhances efficiency but also plays a crucial role in maintaining operational continuity.

Transportation Made Easy:

The company’s expertise extends to the realm of trailers, catering to both farm-related transportation and high-speed cargo movement.

Their farm trailers facilitate the efficient transport of agricultural produce, while their high-speed trailers allow for the swift and safe delivery of goods across the country.

Supporting the Mining Industry:

More Wear plays a significant role in the backbone of the Zimbabwean economy – the mining sector.
They manufacture leach tanks, essential for extracting valuable minerals from ore through a chemical process. Granby cars, coco pans and more are also made.

This expertise ensures efficient and cost-effective mineral extraction, contributing directly to the mining industry’s success.

Beyond the Standard:

Offerings extend far beyond the above core products, to include the manufacture of large bore steel pipes and chimneys, catering to construction projects and infrastructure development.

Additionally, their steel ducts contribute to efficient ventilation systems in buildings, while skip bins and swing litter bins provide waste management solutions for various settings and local authorities.

Committed to Service:

Committed to go beyond the production of high-quality steel products, they also offer a comprehensive range of services, including plant installations, maintenance, and demolitions.

This one-stop-shop approach provides clients with the convenience of a single point of contact for all their steel fabrication needs.

Investing in Innovation:

To maintain their competitive edge and cater to the evolving needs of their clients, continuous investment in innovation is prioritized.

They employ a team of experienced and qualified engineers and competent artisans (coded welders, boilermakers, riggers, electricians, machinists and fitters) who meticulously oversee every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

Reaching New Horizons:

The company understands the logistical challenges associated with heavy machinery and steel products. To address this, they operate a 10-tonne crane truck, facilitating efficient deliveries throughout Zimbabwe.

This commitment to timely and hassle-free delivery further strengthens their customer service and reinforces their position as a reliable partner for businesses across the country.

A Legacy of Excellence:

More Wear Manufacturing stands as a testament to Zimbabwean ingenuity and dedication to quality.

Their diverse product portfolio, unwavering commitment to service, and continuous pursuit of innovation have positioned them as a leading force in the steel fabrication industry.

As they navigate the future, the company is well-positioned to continue playing a crucial role in the development and growth of Zimbabwe’s diverse industries.

Text by Martin Chemhere

From Energy and Power 8