To foster good relations between energy consumers and its suppliers, there is an exhaustive list of consumer rights and responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities will help to ensure that the regulatory authority, energy suppliers, or energy consumers are held accountable in the event of challenges that may rise within the energy sector.

It is important to know and practice these:


• Be treated fairly with kindness and due respect
• Privacy and to have confidential information protected
• Access to reliable and safe energy
• Be informed about the energy price structure
• Advice on renewable energy technologies
• Advice on energy efficiency
• Guidance on solar energy products and services that meet set standards
• Responsive energy suppliers
• Timeous response to technical faults
• Resolution of complaints within reasonable time frames
• Receive accurate and timely bills for post-paid meters
• Be informed about planned power outages well in time
• Be informed about the energy supplier’s intention to terminate service and the reasons thereof
• Access to and information about safe handling, storage, dispensing, and usage of energy products. Receive energy products that meet the stipulated quality standards
• Access to and information about complaint handling procedures
• Consumer education and awareness


• Always pay energy bills on time
• Cooperate with and support programmes on the effective and efficient use of energy
• Allow energy suppliers access to consumers’ premises for purposes of inspection, meter reading, installation, testing, replacement, or disposal of utility apparatus
• Report any faults or damages to the utility property that can potentially cause accidents
• Abide by the contractual obligations, terms, and conditions of energy service provision
• Follow appropriate channels of lodging complaints
• Ensure that installations at premises are safe and pose no hazard
• Use of energy efficiently in an environmentally friendly manner
• Adhere to all safety procedures such as no smoking, no use of all cell phones, no open flames, switching off the engine, and not using plastic containers at service stations
• Report all cases of poor quality fuel, illegal vending, and any unsafe acts

Text by ZERA

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